Kapton heater mat ( 24V / 30x30cm )

Kapton heater mat with adhesive side
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Product description

Easy attachable 24V kapton heater mat for your heated bed. Can be attached to glas as well as aluminum sheets.

BIG FAT WARNING: These babies draw 12.5A. Do not directly connect them to your electronics, use a relay and make sure your power supply can handle this.


General properties
sku HM30CM24V
gtin 8719345008252
Color Yellow
Material Kapton
Type Square
Max. temperature 130 °C
Length 300 mm
Width 300 mm
Wire length 60 cm
Electrical specifications
Operating voltage 24 V
Current 12.5 A
Max. Power rating 300 W
€ 26.75  incl VAT In stock
Dispatches same business day!

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