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Microswiss supplies universal high quality, abrasion resistant nozzle, heat break and hot end upgrades for every consumer-level and DIY 3D printer kit. Compatible printer models include Creality, Prusa, RepRap, Wenhao, Zortrax and e3D.

Brass nozzles are made from a 360 brass base material and plated with TwinClad XT coating. TwinClad XT is a tough, nickel composite coating designed for very low friction and abrasion resistance, especially to abrasive materials such as luminous, Carbon Fiber-, wood- and metal-filled filaments. Heat sinks and heater blocks are made from aluminum for good thermal conductivity, while heat breaks are made from Grade 5 titanium to minimize conductivity while maintaining strength.

€ 36,45
 excl € 30,12
€ 163,45
 excl € 135,08
€ 11,99
 excl € 9,91
€ 22,45
 excl € 18,55
€ 20,50
 excl € 16,94
€ 49,95
 excl € 41,28
  • Zeer rubberachtig flexibel materiaal
  • Werkt het beste in extruder-systemen met directe aandrijving
  • Shore-hardheid: 85A
  • Kleur: Blauw (Saffier)
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