Gemstruder extruder v1.0


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An easy to assemble, low cost and powerful feature-rich extruder universally compatible with every brand of 1.75mm filament.

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Gemstruder extruder v1.0

Product description

An easy to assemble, low cost and powerful feature-rich extruder universally compatible with every brand of 1.75mm filament.

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Created by the RepRap-enthusiastic and experienced Gemstock3D team, this open-source extruder is a dependable addition to any FDM printer.


The Gemstruder has been created with all-round performance in mind for 1.75mm diameter filaments, tested with common PLA, PETG and ABS brands all the way to more exotic plastics such as Nylon, Real Flex, along with metal- and wood-infused compounds. This design’s reliability is possible through it’s fully enclosed and snugly sealed filament path. There is even the option to add a pneumatic fitting/bowden tube on the input side of the extruder to extend the PTFE guide path (e.g. adding a filament run-out sensor).


While the almost 2:1 down-gearing is less than other typical geared extruders on the market, we’ve found this ratio still gives a typical Nema 17 extruder motor* sufficient torque to overwhelm the thermal heating capacity of almost every hotend we’ve tested, including the e3D volcano. Even with average industry-standard electronics and stepper chips, you won’t have to fear the Gemstruder’s ability to keep up for high throughput prints.


The finely meshed gear sizing and ratio allows the extruder to reliably reach retraction speeds of 100mm/s (and higher if you are adventurous).
High speed retractions not only allow cleaner non-print movements with less stringing, but also allows for dual extruder / single-nozzle (e.g. bowden tube) printing with quick, clean swaps between filaments.


The Gemstruder has been extensively tested and developed through multiple iterations to ensure the best performing extruder. With proper idler pressure, there is little to no filament grind through, and the gear ratio is designed to be a prime number (“hunting” ratio) to improve performance, reduce tooth wear and maximize operational lifespan.


We’ve designed the Gemstruder’s idler and bolt interface such that filament loading and unloading is a breeze, either by controlled G-code commands or by hand, since there is little to no friction on the filament when the idler quick-release is opened. However, with a little practice you may not even need to unload a freshly finished spool: the snug filament path allows you to simply “hot feed” a new spool without even stopping the print!


Since there are only a few plastic parts and a few bearings and screws, we’ve kept the assembly guide short and simple, and we believe the assembly is intuitive enough that some of our new users may not even need the manual or video tutorials.


Last, but definitely not least when it comes to running a printer in a home or work environment, the Gemstruder is very silent compared to most extruders. Once you realize how quiet 3D printing can be, you’ll never go back.


  • Open-source model using industry-standard components
  • Ease of assembly and use
  • High speed reliable retractions
  • Powerful, quiet gearing
  • Hot feeding capable
  • Fully enclosed filament path
  • Compensation for slight filament tolerances

The Gemstruder is available in four color combinations;

  • Green/pink
  • Black/red
  • Black
  • Red

Please specify in the comments of your order which color you would like to receive. If you do not specify a color, you will be sent a random color.
It is also possible to order a custom color combination, which will have a lead time of 2 weeks.

* Nema17 motor is not included in kit. Due to the variability of motor types, we recommend motor torque > for high throughput targets.


Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Type hot end Bowden

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