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AESUB Scanning Sprays

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 15/09/2022 16:54:13
AESUB Scanning Sprays

Now available for purchase are the White, Blue and Orange Scanning sprays from AESUB. The AESUB 3D Scanning Sprays are specially designed to offer a swift and residue-free scanning experience. We will shortly introduce them here:

This spray if free of titanium dioxide nano particles. It sets new standards by improving the surface’s consistency and reducing layer thickness.

This spray is a self-vanishing spray that will evaporates within a few hours. It does not contain any pigments so it can be sprayed directly on the scanning spot.

This long-lasting spray will evaporate within 12 - 24 hours. It eliminates basic application issues and protects the items from contamination by deposition of pigments.

For more detailed information about these scanning sprays click on the button below.

AESUB Blue     AESUB Orange     AESUB White

Resin by BASF

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 08/09/2022 16:27:28
Resin by BASF

Now available for purchase is resin by BASF named Ultracur3D. These are the different types we have available:

ST45: This specially developed resin with superior toughness offers a wide range of applications.
ST80: This is a specially developed resin with superior toughness for a range of uses.

RG50: This is designed to provide professional mechanical properties. Explore creating strong and durable resin prints with an impressive low-level of shrinkage!
RG35: This is designed to provide professional mechanical properties while creating stiff and rigid resin prints with an impressively low level of shrinkage.
RG1100: This is a specially developed resin with impressive material qualities for high-performance purposes. 3D print a range of durable objects professionally with an impeccable finish.

EL60: This is a very elastic material, it provides low hardness, great flexibility, and rebound.
EL150: This is a high-quality elastic resin designed to offer good bendability and rebound.

FL60: With this resin, your 3D models will be extremely flexible with high softness. Create masterpieces and prototypes on an industrial level!
FL300: This is a flexible resin designed to offer high softness and reliable rebound.

DM2505: This is a premium resin that belongs to BASF’s Dental Line. The material has been designed to offer a variety of excellent solutions for molding and dentistry.

For more detailed information about these resins click on the button below.

Resin by BASF

Pre-order your Saturn 2 or Jupiter Resin printer now!

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 02/09/2022 13:19:54
Pre-order your Saturn 2 or Jupiter Resin printer now!

Elegoo Saturn 2

Elegoo has brought a new Saturn resin 3D printer on the market, the Saturn 2. With the printer you can now print bigger and taller resin models faster and capture every detail. It is quipped with a replaceable activated charcoal filter to keep resin odors at bay so that you can print safely at all times. With the 8.9 monochrome LCD and matrix light source, you can be sure to capture extreme detail. The 7680 x 4320 resolution ensures every corner and edge comes out very sharply.  Just to sum it up. A great resin 3D printer with many features for a wonderful price. Pre-order your very own by clicking on the button below!

Pre-order Elegoo Saturn 2

Elegoo Jupiter

The Elegoo Jupiter is one of a kind. It just takes you 30 minutes to assemble it and then you can start experiencing the wide variety of premium features that make resin printing a breeze. It has a large print volume and comes with a 6K LCD screen. The all-metal structure ensures that the 3D printer is extremely stable during printing and also keeps the machine’s components durable. With a ball screw in place, you can work silently and level printing is guaranteed, increasing printing accuracy. You do not want to miss out on this fantastic Resin 3D printer. Pre-order your very own one by clicking on the link below!

Pre-order Elegoo Jupiter

Polymaker PolyMax PLA and SUNLU PLA Marble

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 25/08/2022 15:10:08
Polymaker PolyMax PLA and SUNLU PLA Marble

Polymaker PolyMax PLA

Polymaker has designed the perfect alternative to using ABS filament. With the Polymax PLA, you can easily produce models with exceptional mechanical performance. When compared to regular PLA filament, the PolyMax PLA is 9x stronger! It allows you to create 3D models with superb dimensional stability since the material is not prone to warping and shrinking. This is the ideal filament for precise engineering and prototyping. Want to learn more, then click on the button below.

 Polymaker PolyMax PLA



With this filament produced by SUNLU you can create stunning sculptures and prototypes with a polished marble appearance! You will be able to replicate sculptures and create impressive figurines. The marble filament is also a great option for printing out embellishments that compliment interior spaces. Click on the button below to check it out.



E3D Revo for Voron 3D printers

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 18/08/2022 10:02:51
E3D Revo for Voron 3D printers

E3D has developed a Revo line for Voron printers. So you can now experience the magic of E3D’s RapidChange Revo ecosystem. It is now possible to utilize different-sized nozzles within one print. This allows you to create complex designs with a range of layer sizes. The hot end is very lightweight for highly accurate extrusion without ever weighing down your print head. It uses the Revo HeaterCore and will heat up your hot end in record time. We have this Upgrade kit available in the single nozzle set and the Revo fully loaded set. Both can be purchased in 12V and 24V.

This upgrade can be applied to these Voron printer models:

  • Voron 1
  • Voron 2.4
  • Voron Trident
  • Voron Legacy
  • Voron Switchwire
  • Voron 0.1

So if you have one of these Voron 3D printers, then definitely check this kit out. Just click on the button below for more information.

E3D Revo for Voron

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